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Important! E-mail is for general questions only, including those about Health History Form and Insurance Waiver deadlines. We will not respond via e-mail to personal health questions or concerns as these are best addressed via a phone call.


 Specific questions or concerns may be directed to the appropriate office as indicated below (area code is 860)
 Advice Nurse  486-4700
 Appointments (General Medical, Nutrition, Women’s Clinic, Allergy/Travel Clinic)  486-2719
 Appointments (Counseling and Mental Health)  486-4705
 Alcohol Awareness Program  486-9431
 Business Office (Billing)  486-0745
 Business Office (Insurance)  486-4535
 Clinical Research (Drug Study)  486-6687
 Counseling and Mental Health Services  486-4705
 Health Education  486-0772
Laboratory 486-0729, 486-0730
Medical Records 486-8039, 486-0750
Nutrition (Nutritional Counseling, Physical Activity Counseling) 486-0771
Pharmacy 486-0736
Radiology (X-ray) 486-0738
Substance Abuse Program 486-9431
Wellness & Prevention Services 486-9431


  Student Health Services Executive Team
Suzanne Onorato, PhD
Executive Director, Student Health Services
(860) 486-0744
  Elizabeth Cracco, PhD
Director, Counseling & Mental Health
(860) 486-4705
Jeffrey Anderson, MD
Medical Director
(860) 486-0765
Tina McCarthy, RN
Director of Nursing
(860) 486-0765

 Deborah Hubbell, RPh, FACHA 
Assistant Director
Clinical Support Services Manager
(860) 486-4828

Donald Davies, FACHE
Practice Manager
(860) 486-2761

Priscilla Kessler
Fiscal Manager
(860) 486-0741