Expanding the Continuum of AOD Education

This committee is developing strategies for improving alcohol and other drug education throughout a student’s time at UConn.


  • Develop an understanding of existing alcohol and other drug education programming. 
  • Provide suggestions for educational strategies throughout a student's experience at UConn.
  • Develop a five-year plan for implementing comprehensive alcohol and other drug education to achieve defined learning outcomes.
  • Provide suggestions for assessing the efficacy of alcohol and other drug educational programming.

Members of the Committee:

  • Co-Chair, Suzanne Onorato, Executive Director of Student Health Services (SHS)
  • Co-Chair, Emily Pagano, Alcohol & Other Drug Education Coordinator, WPS
  • AOD Project Coordinator, Benjamin Christensen, Administrative Specialist, SHS
  • Dustin Brentlinger, Interim Director for Strategy, WPS
  • Kristopher Caccamise, Resident Hall Director
  • Artemis Damble, Clinical Data Nurse Coordinator, SHS
  • Helena DeBald, Program Coordinator, First Year Programs
  • Gina DeVivo Brassaw, Associate Director of Student Activities for Community Outreach, Student Activities
  • Lauren Donais, Violence Against Women Prevention Program Coordinator
  • Melissa Foreman, Program Director, First Year Program
  • Kyle Harrington, Title IX Specialist, Office of Institutional Equity
  • Anne Heller Thompson, LMFT, CMHS
  • Deb Hubbell, Director, Health Communications, SHS
  • Chetan Joshi, Associate Director, Director of Clinical Services, CMHS
  • Drew Kelkres, AOD University Specialist, WPS
  • Jennifer Lease Butts, Assistant Vice Provost, Enrichment Programs/Honors
  • Jenn Longa, Assistant Dean of Students, Victim Support Services & Bystander Initiatives
  • Lori Masters, Director of Data Analytics and Health Management, SHS
  • Joleen Nevers, Associate Director of WPS
  • Rindaanne Riccio, Program Specialist, Student Activities
  • Sarah Scheidel, Assistant Director, First Year Experience Program Manager
  • Ralphel Smith, Director of Educational Initiatives, Resident Life
  • Tara Watrous, Student Engagement, WPS


Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.