Expanding & Enhancing Early Intervention Services

This committee reviews existing early intervention services and identify areas for improving processes that connect students with needed services.


  • Develop an understanding of existing early intervention services.
  • Review existing and ongoing data collection regarding intervention needs.
  • Provide suggestions of services not met by existing intervention services. 
  • Document areas for improving sanctioned and voluntary referral processes.
  • Develop a three-year plan for enhancing early intervention services at UConn.
  • Provide suggestions for assessing improvements in referral processes.

Members of the Committee:

  • Co-Chair, Suzanne Onorato, Executive Director of Student Health Services (SHS)
  • Co-Chair, Emily Pagano, Alcohol & Other Drug Education Coordinator, WPS
  • AOD Project Coordinator, Benjamin Christensen, Administrative Specialist, SHS
  • Bryanna Anderson, Program Specialist, Centers for Students with Disabilities
  • Maureen Armstrong, Associate Dean of Students
  • Jonathan Beazley, AOD Interventionist, CMHS
  • Dustin Brentlinger, Interim Director for Strategy, WPS
  • Monica Bullock, Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Engineering Programs
  • Artemis Damble, Clinical Data Nurse Coordinator, SHS
  • Melissa Foreman, Program Director, First Year Program
  • Deb Hubbell, Director, Health Communications, SHS
  • Drew Kelkres, AOD University Specialist, WPS
  • Kelley LaFleur, Nurse Practitioner, SHS
  • Rachael Levy, UConn Police Officer
  • Lori Masters, Director of Data Analytics and Health Management, SHS
  • Alessia Satterfield, Assistant Director, Community Standards
  • Laurie Savino, Registered Nurse, SHS
  • Ashlee Stone, Pharmacy Manager/Clinical Support Services Coordinator, SHS
  • Rebecca Laroche Walker, Academic Advisor, ECON
  • Tara Watrous, Student Engagement, WPS

Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.