General FAQ

Where is the Student Health Services located?

Student Health Services is on Glenbrook Road, next to the Chemistry Building. Counseling and Mental Health Services is located on the 4th floor of the Arjona building.

How do I get there?

Bus: Refer to the Transportation website for bus routes.

Car: We suggest you park in the North Garage. There is 30-minute parking available in 4 parking spaces in front of our building. You must sign the logbook in our lobby upon entry. Please note that there are two additional parking spaces that are for ambulance and handicapped vehicles.

How do I know if I can be seen at Student Health Services?

Any students who have paid the Storrs General University Fee (GUF) are eligible to use our services.

Is there a charge to be seen by a provider?

Student Health Service utilizes “fee for service” billing. SHS charges office visit fees (comparable to those at a private healthcare provider’s office) each time a student receives care from a medical care provider.

There may be additional fees for services including laboratory, radiology, pharmacy services, annual gynecological exams, and counseling and mental health services. See Billing FAQ

What’s the difference between a nurse practitioner and a doctor?

A nurse practitioner (aka NP or APRN) is a registered nurse with additional education so that (s)he can assess, counsel and prescribe medication to patients as needed. NP’s work with the doctors at Health Services.

Are chargeable services automatically billed to my insurance company?

Student Health Services is recognized as a participating provider and directly bills the following insurance companies/plans:

o  Aetna

o  Anthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield

o  CIGNA/ Cigna CHP

o  ConnectiCare

o  CT Medicaid

o  United HealthCare

If you have one of these plans, we will submit the claim directly to your insurer on your behalf. Any co-pays, deductibles or cost shares will be billed to your student fee bill once the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) is received by Student Health. This typically takes 4 to 8 weeks. See Life Cycle of a Claim and Billing FAQ

What happens if I get sick after hours?

There is an after-hours Advice Nurse available whenever the SHS is closed. This nurse will advise you what to do depending upon the situation you describe. Of course, when we are open, an Advice Nurse is always available at SHS to assess and treat as needed.

How do I reach the Advice Nurse ?

Call 486-4700 and follow the menu prompts. The Advice Nurse is located off campus when the SHS is closed and will return your call. If you do not receive a return call within 15 minutes, it is important that you recall the answering service so that they can recall the Advice Nurse and assure connection with you.

Are there any mental health support groups on campus?

Please see the list of groups offered by Counseling and Mental Health Services or by calling CMHS at 486-4705.

Can I refill an existing prescription on campus and where?

The pharmacy on campus, located in the Student Health Services, is licensed such that they can only fill prescriptions written by Student Health Services clinicians. You may make an appointment to speak to one of our physicians or nurse practitioners by calling 486-2719. In most cases they will do a re-evaluation and write the prescription you need so that you can fill it on campus. If you choose not to do this, check the Yellow Pages under “Pharmacies” to select one to fill your prescription.

Remember – you MUST bring your prescription insurance card and student ID with you every time you fill a prescription!

How is confidentiality assured at Student Health Services?

All medical care at Student Health Services is confidential. Health care records are completely separate from all other university records. Student Health Services staff members confer with one another as needed to provide integrated medical care for you. Otherwise, Student Health Services will not release any information about you without your written permission, except for regulatory or quality assurance audits or as authorized or required by law, or as necessary in our judgment to protect you or others from a serious threat to health or safety. If a patient wishes to allow a release of information from his/her records, the Authorization for Release of Health Information is available on our forms page.

If you have any questions regarding the release of health information, please contact:

o  UConn Student Health Services Privacy Officer – 860-486-0747

We recently visited UConn for the Parents’ Orientation and were told that there is an on-line Health Waiver form. Where can we find it?

The Insurance Waiver process is described on our insurance page. It requires that the student log into their Student Administration (PeopleSoft) account to complete the waiver.

On the Vaccination History section of the health history form it states that this section should be filled out by your health care provider. What if you don’t have a designated health care provider, but do have the appropriate information requested on the form. How does one go about getting this section filled out?

You should fill out the information yourself. Then attach photocopies of the source of the information (e.g. pages from your Baby Vaccination Booklet or other document you were given at the time of vaccination.)

Are there therapists on campus available for the students to talk to if we are having a problem?

You should contact Counseling and Mental Health Services at 486-4705.

I have been on “the pill” since August. Is it possible to get it at the Student Health Services Pharmacy?

As described above, our pharmacy can only fill prescriptions ordered by Student Health Services providers. You need to be seen at the Student Health Service for a full gynecological exam and pap smear before a prescription is ordered. If you have already had a recent exam with another doctor, we will accept a copy of pap results but we still need to do the physical exam. Oral contraceptives are available to any UConn student without parental permission.

My major is in a health-related field. What activities can I get involved in at SHS?.

o  SHOT (the Student Health Outreach Team)

o  Student Employment – look for opportunities at the Student Jobs website

o  Formal internship/externship opportunities – through your academic program

Does Student Health Services offer eye exams?

No, but the Student Health Services Advice Nurse can provide you with a list of local optometrists and ophthalmologists. Call (860)486-4700.

If I decide to be put on birth control pills through the school’s services, how will my prescribed pills be paid for? Is there a way to pay for them without notifying a parent?

As with any prescription, you may choose one of three methods of payments for the out-of-pocket costs: cash, check, credit/debit card, or charge to university fee bill. Cash and check are the only way to insure your parent does not inadvertently see the charge on the fee bill. Under the Affordable Care Act, most insurance plans are now covering oral contraceptives.

Is HIV testing at the Student Health Service confidential?

HIV antibody testing at the Student Health Service is done on a CONFIDENTIAL basis. This means that your test result will be documented in your medical record and held in strictest confidence. Information will not be released to anyone without your written permission. Anonymous testing (where the client’s name and test result are never linked) is available at Connecticut Alternative Test Sites; call Health Education at 486-0772 for a referral. To make an appointment for HIV testing at the Health Service, call 486-2719 and tell the receptionist that you are interested in getting an HIV antibody test.



  • Always bring your medical insurance card and student ID with you.
  • Allow enough travel time, whether it is on foot, by bus or car. If you are late, you will need to reschedule your appointment.
  • If you do not show up for a scheduled appointment, you will be charged a No Show fee.