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“While in graduate school, maintaining one’s emotional and psychological well-being is often the last thing on one’s mind. However, I would encourage students to start thinking critically about their own self-care. The daily effects of stress, exhaustion, and/or microaggressions are staggering and oftentimes overwhelming. In centering wellness as equally important as one’s degree, students can overcome these untold psychological costs. I would thus encourage students to track their mental health and form intentional communities unassociated with graduate school. Individuals need to be affirmed of their self-worth outside of their work.”

-Anonymous, Political Science



“As a doctoral student at UConn, I was reluctant to utilize help from Counseling and Mental Health services at first. I was still a 4.0 student and making do with my 2-hour commute to campus, but I was depressed, anxious, and losing passion for my life and future career.

The decision to receive help at CMHS changed my entire outlook on life. I am able to focus better during classes, I am happier and more satisfied with my life, and they helped me end an abusive relationship. Services at CMHS allowed me to regain my personal strength and gave me a new perspective, allowing me to immerse myself further into my future career and strengthen the relationships I have with my friends and classmates. If I did not receive services from CMHS, I am not sure I would have been able to make it through the semester. I am so thankful for their help.”




"I live by the philosophy that sleep, nourishment, and time for relaxation to recharge the mind and remind oneself of life beyond education supersede any academic responsibility. That is, not to disregard the importance of deadlines, but to not run myself into a depression while trying to complete my work. For me, at the end of the day, it is not my academic accomplishments that define me, I trust in spreading goodness and positivity and allowing this mentality carry my academic success."

-Maria Varmos, Biological Engineering, MS


“The Bodywise program in UConn gym is my favorite activities. I try to attend the classes at least twice a week, especially after a whole day's lab work and feel exhausted and depressed. Instructors and students are always full of energy and passion, encouraging each other. Every time when I finish a challenging class, I feel myself getting more stronger, confident and be ready to deal with all the challenges in graduate work. I love this program and all the people there.”

-Yayu Li School of Agriculture