Insurance Information

UConn requires all full-time students to maintain health insurance coverage.

Students may choose to be covered through:

  • a personal insurance policy,
  • a plan carried by their parents, or
  • the group policy sponsored by the University, which is sold and administered through Wellfleet-Cigna Health Plan.

The current University-sponsored plan is described in the plan brochures linked below. The plan is fully compliant with federal regulation mandates and offers preventative care. We urge you to carefully read the brochure and compare with what your other coverage provides.

University-Sponsored Health Insurance Policies

2020-21 insurance premium will be billed by semester beginning Fall 2020

Fall 2020 premium $1,153 (coverage period 8/15/20 to 12/31/20)
Spring 2021 premium $1,682 (for continuing students coverage period 1/1/21 to 7/31/21)
Spring 2021 $1,732 (NEW spring students coverage period 1/1/21 to 7/31/21)

Additional information on insurance, charges for services rendered to students and billing practices


Have you lost medical insurance coverage as a result loss of job/employment or group issued benefits; during the current COVID 19 pandemic?

You could be eligible to enroll in the university sponsored Wellfleet Cigna medical plan.  You may be able to enroll due to a qualifying life event (QLE) if you are a currently registered UConn student.

To explore your opportunity to enroll (in the current plan year) please contact our Insurance Coordinator, Tresca Smith by calling 860-486-4535 or email at


Enrollment in the University-sponsored Insurance Plan

The University uses what is called a “hard waiver” system to assure student health insurance coverage. This means that most full-time students will be AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in and billed for the UConn-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

While most full time students are automatically billed for the UConn SHIP, it is advised that ALL students check their tuition fee bill to determine whether the fee for the health insurance has been posted. If the charge has not been posted you may still be eligible to voluntarily enroll in the SHIP. To voluntarily enroll please call 860-486-4535.

Health Insurance Waiver

If you have other comparable health insurance coverage (either through an employer based plan or a family plan), you can decline/waive the UCONN SHIP.

  • Connecticut coverage: If you are an out-of-state student, please contact your insurance carrier to confirm coverage in Connecticut.*
  • Coverage Timeframe: Coverage must be active the first day of classes and remain active throughout the semesters you are registered for.

To decline/waive-out, you must use the Health Insurance Waiver in the PeopleSoft Financial system. Instructions on where to find and complete the waiver can be found at Waiver Instructions – Student Administration System.

You must complete a waiver at the start of each school year
September 15th (for fall students)       February 5th (for new, spring students)

Failure to complete a waiver prior to the deadline will result in automatic enrollment, at which time you will be responsible for payment of the annual premium.

* NOTE: It is strongly suggested that you review of your alternative coverage to determine your plan’s payable benefits for services performed at our facility. Many carriers have specific reimbursement rules related to out-of-area care or care rendered by out-of-network providers. In addition, many plans have high deductibles that may need to be met before any services will be considered payable.