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Nurse Coach Wellness Visit

During the Nurse Coach Wellness Visit, we will create a personalized plan geared towards your specific needs. This evidence-based approach will help you better understand the physical, behavioral, social, and environmental causes that influence your health and well-being. This holistic approach begins the process of developing healthy behaviors, and lays the foundation for life-long health.

There is no additional out-of-pocket expense for this visit.


Health Assessment
Meet with the nurse coach to determine factors that may impact your health. 

Measurements of your blood pressure and other vital signs will be reviewed during the visit. Recommendations for additional testing will be referred to a clinician appointment.

Preventive Care
We will review and provide preventive health care such as immunizations for HPV and influenza.

The Nurse Coach
The nurse coach will provide you with the encouragement and motivation needed to achieve personalized health goals.

Plan of Care
A personalized plan for improving your health and well-being will be developed and will include ways to sustain healthy behavior change.


The initial appointment takes 40 minutes dedicated to your individual needs.

To make an appointment, please call 860-486-2719