Pharmacy curbside

Curbside Service

We are taking every measure we can to protect our students and ourselves, so will be providing curbside service only. Please call the pharmacy at (860) 486-0736 to fill a prescription, order over the counter products, or let our staff know you have arrived for pick-up. You may park at the top of the driveway and proceed to the side door near Chemistry labeled Pharmacy Pick-up.
List of available over-the-counter medications

Limited Hours of Operation

Until further notice, our pharmacists will be on-site:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
On Thursdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. our pharmacists will be off-site and checking voicemail every 30 minutes. Please be sure to leave your name, peoplesoft number and phone number so they can return your call and determine how best to assist you.
Thank you for understanding during this challenging time.

The Student Health and Wellness Pharmacy is located on the ground floor of the Hilda May Williams Student Health Services building (WSH on campus maps.) It is staffed by registered pharmacists, who are available five days a week to fill prescriptions, provide drug information, and answer health-related questions. We carry a selection of over-the-counter (OTC) medications, often at costs lower than what you’ll find in drug stores. Payment for any pharmacy purchases can be made by check, cash, credit card, Husky Bucks or charged to the university fee bill.

Eligibility for Care

Pharmacy services are available only to students who have paid the Storrs campus Student Health Fee. Students must present their valid UConn identification card upon each visit.

Our Services

  • We are licensed to fill prescriptions ordered by our own Student Health and Wellness medical and mental health prescribers. Please do not ask your home healthcare provider to submit prescriptions to us for filling.
  • We may be able to special-order certain items not routinely stocked within one business day.
  • We can bill prescriptions directly to a variety of health insurance plans.
  • We can assist you with receiving and temporarily storing certain mail order medications or medical supplies that cannot be sent through the university mailroom. Talk to one of our pharmacists to initiate this service.


We accept a variety of insurance plans to which we directly bill prescription medications including the university sponsored insurance plan and Connecticut Medicaid. Ask us for more information.

Prescription insurance billing is separate from Medical insurance billing at Student Health Services. Unlike medical claims that are submitted after the visit by our Business Services Team, prescription claims are processed in real-time at the Pharmacy. That is why it is so important that we have accurate prescription insurance information at the time we process your prescription.

Please be aware that there are some plans with which we do not participate and are unable to submit claims to these insurers on your behalf.

Many plans have a prescription coverage card that is separate from the medical insurance card you supplied at the time of your medical visit. Be sure to bring both cards to every visit at Student Health Services.

If you do not have your prescription insurance card with you, you may provide us with your coverage information using this form. Sources for this information include your parent's or guardian's prescription insurance card, your pharmacy at home or the insurance company itself. You may also choose to have a copy of your prescription insurance card faxed to 860-486-0792. Or have someone text you a photo of your prescription insurance card, making sure the information below is clearly visible in the picture. Better yet, be proactive and upload a copy of both your medical and prescription insurance cards to our patient portal before you need us - (click on Document Upload.)

If you elect to pick up your prescription prior to providing our pharmacy with your insurance information, we can give you a brief, same-day grace period for submitting the information. Complete insurance information must be received in the pharmacy by 5 p.m. on the date of service; otherwise the resulting charge(s) may be billed to your student fee bill.